"Some things are better left where they lie...but if you know where to look, these ruins are full of riches."

- 2

The high-spirited part of the stitchpunk creations. He is an old inventor with a warming personality. He is sort of a father figure to 5, since 2 is more of an inventor while 5 is more of a healer.The Scientist wrote that after his creation, 2 began tinkering with the loose parts of the Scientist's workshop. Voiced by Martin Landau.


2, being only the second stitchpunk is crudely fastened with strings, straps and odd stitches. Since his body is the most worn, 2 is often considered the "oldest", despite being made after 1. He wears a hat with shard of glass that can be hinged in front of his face to serve as a magnifying glass. The hat also holds a candle for seeing in the dark and a crank used to lower a broken spoon to extinguish said candle. The hat was later used to assemble 9's lightbulb staff.


2 has the wit and knowledge of an old inventor, perhaps because his soul is made up of the Scientist's inventive side. He is very kind and caring towards others, up to the point of putting his life on the line to save 9. He is also very open-minded and believes that even the wasted world he lives in is "full of riches". He is on good terms with 5, who looks up to him, and 7, who sees him as a close friend.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Being old and frail, 2 has few physical strengths, however in the beginning of the film, he used a double-headed spear (similar to the one 5 used in the original short) to wound the Cat Beast in the eye before it swatted him aside.


When 9 awoke, he spotted 2 pulling a cart of junk across the street and went down to find him. 2 gave 9 new voice box and was overjoyed to see that 9 had found the talisman, remarking "he's always drawing this". When the Cat Beast attacked, 2 put up a brief struggle, but was swatted aside as the beast looked for 9, who was hiding in a gas can. 2 distracted the beast, allowing 9 to escaped, but was taken to the factory by the beast. Later, 5 and 9 went to the factory and were able to free him before 7 finished off the beast. However, 9 was curious about the talisman and fit it into a slot which drained 2's soul and awakened the Fabrication Machine. In the end, when 9 opened the reclaimed talisman, 2's soul was freed along with the souls of 1, 5, 6 and 8.

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