The character 6, from the movie 9.

6 plays the roll as the crazy artist among the stitchpunks. 6 is labeled as deranged by most of the group until 9 shows up with a strange contraption that matches 6's drawings. He is voiced by Crispin Glover.


6 is a brown-striped stitchpunk with messy black tufts of cloth that serve as "hair", unevenly sized eyes and fountain pen tips for fingers which are usually seen, dripping with ink. There are also several ink stains on 6's body from hours of drawing.


Although it is unknown if he was this way before he joined the group, 6 is quite an eccentric, always drawing odd images on scraps of paper with his fingers. He can seem very strange and crazy, but he may know far more than the others do. He continued to urge the group to "go back to the source" and was proven to know what he was talking about when 9 discovered the Scientist's message.


6 was first seen hiding in the shadows from the others in the sanctuary and was later seen hanging up one of his many drawings on the wall when 9 and 5 left. When 9 tried to draw what he remembered of the talisman, 5 commented that it was "the thing that 6 always draws". 9 returned to the sanctuary to meet 6 who told him to "go back to the source". During the Winged Beast's attack, 6 and 5 used the wiring of the electric fan to tangle the Winged Beast's grappling line, allowing the group to defeat it. He was seen again at the library, where he tried to catch a piece of burning paper in the air, only to have it turned to ash once it was in his hands. He accompanied the others on their mission to save 7 and 8 and was seen celebrating with them after the factory was blown up. He was caught by the Fabrication Machine while fleeing across the bridge and was sapped of his soul, but not before telling his friends not to fight the machine and return to the First Room in order to discover the secrets of the talisman. In the end, 6's soul was released , along with the souls of 1, 2, 5, and 8, when 9 opened the talisman.

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