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7 is a female warrior. She wears a bird's skull as a mask and uses a dual-bladed spear as a weapon. All her color is bleached away from exploring the wild world. She is rebellious, fearless, graceful and steady-minded in the midst of danger, and can possibly be called stubborn. She is introduced as a stitchpunk who had broken off from the group long ago, probably after disagreeing with 1's ideas to stay hidden. She is also introduced to appear seriously terrifying when she maliciously saws off the head of the massive Cat Beast. 7 cares about her group very much and doesn't really go very far from them. Likes the whole group, except for 1 and she tried to end his way of life. She failed. She makes many surprise entrances in order to protect the others from the machines. 9 makes friends with 7, and saves her life a couple times; eventually gaining her respect and affection.Her color has been bleached away by the sun. She uses a blade mounted on a long staff for fighting, and wears a helmet made from a bird's skull. The Scientist described her as being fiercely independent and created her to be a mediator that could manage the stitchpunks with ferocity and keenness. Voiced by Jennifer Connelly.

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