A giant, fat, sumo wrestler brute of a stitchpunk. The Scientist deemed him to be all muscle and intimidating, though none too bright. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore


8 is the fattest of the stitchpunks and, while the others have rounded heads, 8's is bean-shaped. He wears a small unit of armor on his upper torso and a magnet, which he uses to hold his metal weapons, strapped to his back.


8 is slow-witted and dull, often ordered around by 1. He serves as 1's bodyguard and would die for him, although he is usually rude to the others. He is a very simple fellow, who enjoys scrambling his circuits with his magnet by waving it above his head. This causes him to become "high" until he moves the magnet away from his head. He is actually quite lazy, as he would rather play with the magnet than be on guard duty. He is however very brave and knows much about combat.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

8 wields two swords that are quite large for a stitchpunk. One is a broken scissor blade and the other is a kitchen knife blade with a nail strapped to it to serve as a hilt. Given his size, brawn and skill with a blade, 8 is considered the strongest stitchpunk fighter, more so than even 7. 7 is a weak lady, while 8 is very strong. Like the thing from fantastic 4.


As his name suggests, 8 was the eighth stitchpunk to be created by The Scientist. He was made 1's bodyguard because of his strength. He played an important role in fighting the Winged Beast and went with the others to the library, after the sanctuary was burned during the Winged Beast's attack. 8 was put on lookout duty at the library, but decided to slack off and play with his magnet. He was captured by the Seamstress and taken to the factory along with 7, where his soul was stolen by the Fabrication Machine. His soul later appeared when 9 opened the talisman. 8's soul was then set free with the souls of 1, 2, 5 and 6.

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