9 on the poster of the feature film.

The main character and last stitchpunk created by the scientist. 9 doesn't have most of the wear and tear of the others, as he awakens as a very pure and innocent being. 9 is driven by his curiosity to eventually overcome 1's destructive rulings and the machines. He is voiced Elijah Wood.


Acording to 2, 9 is the highest quality stitchpunk with hands made of "carved wood" and "molded copper". He is the least damaged of the group and is made of a well knitted sack.


9 is very selfless and loyal to his friends. He is also encouraging, modest, and reasonable and would never hesitate to make sacrifices for those who he cares about. He is actually considered to be the leader of the group, as he is braver and wiser than 1, who is only the leader because of his status as the first stitchpunk (and because his bodyguard is very intimidating).

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Although 9 never actually fought in the film, he is a very good strategist, always knowing what to do in a tight situation. As far as weapons go, he first used a wrench-like tool to hit 2 in the head (who he thought was a threat at first). Later, he and 5 invented 9's trademark lightbulb staff, which he used to fend off the Cat Beast and distract the Seamstress, who destroyed it. He then used the talisman to blast the Fabrication Machine and reclaim the souls it had stolen.

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